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Company Profile

Effective Pest control services, EPCS was established in the November 1972 by Mr. A.R Joshi, and is one of the first and pest management company in India. Effective Pest control services offers a comprehensive range of Professional Pest Management Services and Quality Products and Equipment through professionally staff train for last 15 years on Field.

Tag Line : Total Solutions for all Types of Pest Problem.

Specialist in :

  • Cockroaches and Ants Control Services
  • Terminates and Bed Bugs Control Services
  • Houseflies , Mosquitoes Control Services
  • Lizards, Spider, Crawling, Rodent control Services
  • Container Treatments
  • Pest & Jel Treatments
  • Vartabroate Pest Control
  • Fumigation Control Services using Fogging Machine, Spray and Jel method etc

We are doing Pre-Construction and Post Construction work for Builders, Contractors, Civil Enginers and Architect upto Plinth we are doing.

We are doing work for Interior Decorators, Architect, Painting & Wallpaper Contractor.

We are catering our services to not only Individual Flats but Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Garments factories, Housing Society, Offices, Schools, Hotels etc.

History :

In 1972 : Mr. A.R.Joshi started with 2 Employee and was trained under the technical of NOCIL, Cynamid India, CIBA,               Rallis India etc.

In 1976 : He was trained under Pfizer Technical and was one of 3 -4 People to Carry out Wood treatment Like ASCU               treatment on Wooden Pallets , Planks, Boxes etc and issue IS Specification Certificate

In 1985 : Started Services for Container Treatments

In 1992 : Started Pest treatment and "Jel" treatment for Cockroaches

In 2000 : As per guildline fro booklet from USA we use Enzymes, Essential Oil & Perfumes for Pest Control Like           Ginger, Termurice , Garlic etc for Various pest control and we have also started vartabroate pest control                services like to treat Dog Ticks, Birds, Pigeon etc

Mission: Giving all our Clients entire Satisfaction and resolving there pest control Problem.

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